YWCA Evansville

Youth & Teens

The Live Y'ers Program enrolls 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls  who are bused to the YWCA throughout the school year for after-school activities. For these girls, the program provides age-appropriate health information, cultural awareness, and science and math skill enhancement. When the girls enter middle school at Lodge Community School and Glenwood Leadership Academy, they are paired with mentors who provide continued guidance and support. Girls learn decision-making skills and how to cope with peer pressure along with life skills, career education, and fun activities. Mentoring and after-school activities continue when the girls move on to Bosse High School. Over 250 girls participate in Live Y'ers. The goal for all the girls is graduation from high school and delay of pregnancy. 


For more information call Courtney Edwards at 422-1191or email her at cedwards@ywcaevansville.org.